Welcome to Ralph's little wedge of the web! Ralph is a wonderful, fun loving little bundle of joy!!! That said, he is packed with character and is the true "big dug in a wee body!!" We all enjoy experiencing the world as Ralph sees it through those melting eyes, and through his contagious zest for life!!! Ralph was born on 24th June 2005, and came to light our hearts and home on September 6th 2005. We love ya Ralphie Boy!!!

Below you'll find 5 short films & 2 slideshows. The following movies are our way of sharing some of the fun and happy times we all have all relished together! They cover Ralph from 9 weeks to just over 2 years old. Go get the kettle on, sit back and enjoy!

Click on the pictures below to start Dave's mini-movies or the movie-style slideshows. Both formats play on Windows media player & may take a few minutes to download. This should be quicker 2nd time around, which is handy, as we hope you'll enjoy our films a few times!! Bottom right on the mediaplayer, you will see a small arrow pointing up & right, this enables full screen enjoyment! Clicking the small arrow pointing down & left, or hitting escape on your keyboard, takes you back to normal player mode. You will need Windows media player 10 or above, click the link if you need to update your player!

Oh, and we have added music, so turn the speakers up & enjoy!

2005 Ralph's 1st off lead walk

2006 Ralph snow

2006 Ralph and pals

Ralph's slide show1

Ralph swimming

2006 Ralph's adventures

Ralph's slide show 2